Culture is Life: Tackling Indigenous youth suicide - SNAICC

The Culture Is Life campaign aims to raise public awareness of the issue of Indigenous youth suicide and is calling for national support.

The campaign supports community-driven responses to youth suicide and has been embarking on a journey across the country to develop an Elders Report on Indigenous Youth Suicide.

Through this campaign, 32 Elders across Australia have been interviewed, sharing their ideas to help prevent Indigenous youth suicide.

Key themes currently emerging from the campaign’s community engagement include the need for bi-cultural education, the strengthening of family and communities, homeland support and Elder-led cultural healing.

A database of community-driven programs that build stronger communities and work alongside youth who are at-risk to prevent suicide is currently being developed.

MODERATOR: If you know of, or work for, a community program that works toward the prevention of Indigenous youth suicide, contact Culture is Life to register the program on the database. We also encourage you to submit the program to Knowledge Circle's Practice Profiles.