Knowledge Circle user guidelines and moderation

These guidelines are designed to ensure the Knowledge Circle community is an enjoyable, informative, inspiring and safe one for all our users.

From time to time these guidelines may be updated, so we recommend you check back once in a while.

We encourage:

  • intelligent discussion and debate;
  • constructive argument and criticism;
  • respect for others' views and beliefs; and
  • considering the effect your comments may have on other Knowledge Circle users.

We reserve the right to curtail discussions and refuse access, and will remove any content that:

  • other users might find offensive or threatening;
  • is or could be interpreted as being racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist or discriminatory in any other way;
  • may put the Australian Institute of Family Studies in legal jeopardy; or
  • is obviously commercial, spam or contains sexual content of an inappropriate nature.

So please keep it relevant and professional.

We want this to be a welcoming space for intelligent discussion, and we expect participants to help us achieve this by notifying us of potential problems, and helping each other to keep conversations inviting and appropriate. If you spot something problematic, please report it by contacting the Knowledge Circle.

Pre-publication moderation will be used on this website. Pre-publication moderation involves checking all participant posts before they are published.

When you submit a comment, you are asked to include a user name and an email address to deter spam bots. You don't have to include your actual details; you may post under a pseudonym.

Comments being held in the system are manually checked by a moderator to determine if the comment should be published, edited or deleted. We will clearly indicate where we have edited a comment.

Knowledge Circle moderation FAQ

What is moderation?

Moderation is the practice of facilitating online interaction to ensure that everyone can participate in discussions and express their views in a respectful environment. Moderation also involves encouraging the flow of the discussion by checking posts in relation to the terms and conditions of the site.

What does a moderator do?

A moderator is responsible for ensuring that the guidelines for engagement on the website are adhered to. A moderator is similar to a chair in a face-to-face meeting, and is there to make sure that all participants feel comfortable and able to participate in the online discussion.

Who is the moderator of this forum?

The Community Manager of the Knowledge Circle discussion page is the moderator of this forum. The Community Manager is concerned with the quality of the discussion, and not the interests of one individual, group or idea over another.

What type of moderation will be used on this website?

Pre-publication moderation will be used on this website. Pre-publication moderation involves checking all participant posts before they are published.

Will the Knowledge Circle team be participating in discussions?

Yes, Knowledge Circle team members will regularly visit discussions and, where appropriate, submit posts to encourage discussion.