Key Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations

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Key organisations

Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC)

SNAICC is a national non-government peak child care body in Australia that represents the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families. SNAICC has a membership base of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-based child care agencies. These include; multi-functional Aboriginal Children's Services; crèches; child care services; pre-schools; early childhood education; early childhood support organisations; family support services; foster care agencies; link-up and family reunification services; family group homes; community groups and voluntary associations; and, services for young people at risk.

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)

NACCHO is the peak body for Aboriginal health. It supports State and Territory peak Aboriginal Community Controlled Health bodies and works collectively with them to address shared concerns on a national basis.

The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)

VACCA is the lead Aboriginal child and family welfare organisation in Victoria, protecting and promoting the rights of Aboriginal children, young people, families and the community. VACCA provides programs and services to strengthen Aboriginal culture and encourage best parenting practices. VACCA also advise governments in relation to child abuse and neglect in the Aboriginal community.

Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak (QATSICPP)

QATSICPP is a non-government organisation that represents, and works with its members to improve the safety and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, young people and their families.

Aboriginal Peak Organisations Northern Territory (APO NT)

APO NT is an alliance comprising the Central Land Council, Northern Land Council, North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency, Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service, and the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the Northern Territory. The alliance was created to provide a more effective response to key issues of joint interest and concern affecting Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory.

New South Wales Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations (COAPA)

"COAPA" represents a range of organisations that work together to support and foster the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of Aboriginal people in New South Wales. The Coalition aims to provide a strong, coordinated and united voice to address Aboriginal issues which include, health, education, housing, employment, legal equality and social justice.

Healing Foundation

The Healing Foundation is an independent, national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation with a focus on family and community healing from the effects of intergenerational trauma. The Healing Foundation support culturally strong, locally run Indigenous healing programs around Australia and funds education and research initiatives. These programs aim to "grow our children strong", support members of the Stolen Generations, assist communities to build cultural strength and build the skills of workers. The Foundation also provides training and information on healing to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Research organisations and clearinghouses

Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR)

CAEPR is Australia’s foremost social science research body focusing on National Indigenous economic and social policy. It is hosted by the Australian National University College of Arts & Social Sciences.

SNAICC Resource Clearinghouse

Activities, management tools and information sheets from across the country are listed here to assist in the day-to-day running of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and family services.

This website celebrates the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and provides a gateway to Australian Government information on Closing the Gap. The site has been developed to share information, news, stories and events that are of interest to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, or to those working in Indigenous affairs.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

HealthInfoNet is an online resource that aims to inform practice and policy in Indigenous health. The aim is to deliver readily accessible research and other knowledge to practitioners and policy-makers so that they can make informed decisions in their work. The website provides practical resources, links to training materials and facilitates the sharing of health-related knowledge through specially developed "yarning places".

The Lowitja Institute

The Lowitja Institute is Australia’s national institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research.

Closing The Gap Clearinghouse

The Closing the Gap Clearinghouse is a Council of Australian Governments initiative jointly funded by all Australian governments. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Family Studies is delivering the project. The primary aim is to highlight research and evaluation evidence on what works to overcome Indigenous disadvantage.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)

AIATSIS is a premier institution for information and research about the cultures and lifestyles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, past and present. Through it's own publishing house, AITSIS has produced a large collection of scholarly and ethical community-based research and resource materials for Indigenous Studies.